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Our Services 

Philosophie Therapy provides online therapy to individuals and couples. We believe that therapy should go beyond talking about your childhood and learning coping skills. Philosophie Therapy provides therapy services focused on helping you identify and achieve your mental health goals. 


Our on-on-one therapy services allow you to connect with a licensed therapist who will work to understand what you are struggling with and develop a personalized plan to help you meet your mental health goals. 

Attractive happy young girl student studying at the college library, sitting at the desk,
Gay male couple having an online couples counseling session in Jacksonville, FL.

Couples Counseling

Our couples counseling services are designed to improve communication and understand each partner's perspectives. Couples counseling can address underlying issues and help you work collaboratively towards shared goals.

Marriage Counseling

We offer marriage counseling services to married couples in all stages of life. We provide a productive space to resolve conflicts, learn to share responsibilities, and work towards mutual goals for the future of your relationship. 

Couple sitting on a couch having an online marriage counseling session in Jacksonville, FL.
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