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Therapy Jacksonville FL

Philosophie Therapy provides therapy in Jacksonville, FL to people hoping to improve their mental health and make positive changes in their lives. We approach every therapy session with curiosity and open-mindedness and are dedicated to tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of the individuals we work with. 

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What to Expect in Therapy Jacksonville FL


Every therapist has a different approach to therapy, which can lead to clients feeling confused about what to expect. Philosophie Therapy works to make sure clients are aware of the purpose, process, and timeline of therapy so that you feel in control of your sessions. Here is what you can expect from therapy Jacksonville FL: 


Stage 1: Building Trust: Your first therapy session will be 50 minutes long. Your therapist will have reviewed your intake forms, and you will have likely already spoken on the phone for an initial consultation. During the first session, your therapist will ask you questions about your life in the present and work to learn about what you hope to change. 


Stage 2: Setting Goals: After the initial session, your therapist will work with you collaboratively to create goals for therapy. If you don’t know what your therapy goals would be, don’t worry – they will become clear as you begin to talk through your experiences and struggles. Goals are not meant to be rigid or formal but rather empowering and tangible. Goals for therapy hold the therapist accountable for ensuring therapy is focused on what you want to improve. 


Here are some of the most common therapeutic goals set by our clients: 

•    Decrease symptoms of anxiety. 

•    Decrease symptoms of depression. 

•    Increase self-esteem. 

•    Improve boundaries.

•    Process traumatic experiences.


Stage 3: Working Towards Your Goals: Once your goals have been set, your therapist will begin assisting you in working towards your goals. Each therapy session in Jacksonville FL, will begin with the opportunity for you to discuss anything that is at the top of your mind; however, if you are unsure of where to start, your therapist will ask questions to continue to learn more about your story. Your therapist will assist you in brainstorming solutions to overcoming challenges while also sharing useful information about mental health and teaching coping skills. 


Stage 4: Graduation: Therapy is not meant to last forever. Your time with your therapist will conclude when you have met your goals for therapy. When this time comes, your therapist will celebrate your accomplishments and ensure you have the tools you need to continue to move towards what you want in life. 


Benefits of Therapy


The benefits of therapy Jacksonville FL may include increased self-esteem, decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression, increased relationship satisfaction, and many more benefits. It is important to note the benefits of therapy are dependent upon the severity of the mental health struggles an individual is experiencing, combined with their motivation to change. We have found that the clients who reap the most positive rewards, are those that are dedicated to learning about themselves and making positive changes in their life. 


Start Therapy Jacksonville FL Today


Starting therapy Jacksonville FL is simple! Philosophie Therapy offers phone consultations to individuals interested in learning more about therapy, before booking their first session. During this call, you will be able to speak with a licensed therapist who will be able to answer any and all questions that you may have about therapy in Jacksonville, FL. Alternatively, if you are ready to book your first session now, you are more than welcome to schedule an appointment today. Click the button below to see our most up-to-date availability. 

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